Your Status As A Disabled Veteran Is Nobody Else’s Business!

If you’re a disabled veteran, you may be entitled to certain benefits from the government. But that’s nobody else’s business but yours! It’s up to you whether or not you want to disclose your status to others. And if you do choose to tell people, it should be on your own terms.

There’s no need to share the details of your injuries or how you became disabled. And you certainly don’t need to justify yourself to anyone. Veterans benefits are there for a reason, and you deserve them just as much as any other vet.

So if you don’t want to advertise your disabled veteran status, that’s perfectly understandable. You can still get the VA benefits you’re entitled to without displaying a disabled veteran license plate. Let people know on your own terms, or don’t say anything at all. It’s up to you!

Helpful resources for disabled veterans
If you are looking for medical evidence to prove your VA claim to include a diagnosis, documenting the severity of your symptoms or Nexus Letters, send an email to (Please Include Your Phone #)

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