Will Rolex Prices Keep Dropping? Nautilus Alternatives Under $5k? And Much More: Q&A

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In this video, I answer some of your burning questions for me. We’ll talk about the Rolex bubble, accuracy in affordable watches, some of the best movements of our time, how to make your local AD love you, and so much more.

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0:00 – Intro & Organization
3:06 – Will The Rolex Bubble Burst?
6:53 – Alternatives To The Nautilus
8:32 – Watch Subscription Services
10:43 – Does Accuracy Matter Under $1,000?
13:44 – Build An AD Relationship
18:03 – Concern For Your Watch vs. Price
19:58 – Top Movements Of The Last 50 Years
22:14 – Sleep On It vs. Go For It