Will FIDO Passkey help us to move on from Passwords? – Dario Salice

Passwords are bad at protecting our digital assets and they make it harder for us to access them. Security: An estimated 22% of US consumers self-identify as having been hacked at least once. A hacked account sells for as little as $1. Access: Forgetting your password seems like merely an annoyance. However, it contributes to churn on consumer platforms and can make up 50% of corporate IT Support calls. All is not lost; Passkey is here to save the day. In this session, I’ll walk you through what passkey is, how it works, and how it can impact your churn and security goals.


Dario Salice (https://twitter.com/dasali)

Dario Salice is a seasoned professional in the space of Telecommunications, Security, and Online-Identities. While most recently working at Google and then Meta, he provided the right security tools to billions of users to protect their online accounts. Dario also launched programs to protect highly targeted individuals from attack. Serving as Meta’s representative on the Board of the FIDO Alliance, an industry standards organization working on strong authentication methods, Dario gained a broader perspective on the global authentication market. His current focus is ramping up an independent boutique consulting service to engage with companies of any size who want to benefit from his insights and experience in the Security & Identity space.

This talk was presented at the OWASP London Chapter Meetup on November 17th, 2022 at Amazon London offices

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The slides of this presentation can be downloaded here: https://github.com/OWASP/www-chapter-london/raw/master/assets/slides/OWASPLondon20221117_Will_FIDO_Passkey_help_us_to_move_on_from_Passwords_Dario_Salice.pdf