Welcomemat Franchisee Tell About Their Experience

Franchisees are the greatest resource when choosing the right franchise for you. Hear more from Dave and Sheryl Eickman about their success story with Welcomemat Services. Hear more about Welcomemat and 100’s of other franchise and business opportunities at FranchiseGator.com
Dave Eickman: The Welcomemat Services Franchise opportunity was prefect for us. When we first got married, Sheryl worked weekends in the housing industry. So we hardly go to see one another. Here was an opportunity for us to not only see each other on the weekends and in the evenings but actually get to work together. So it was an awesome opportunity for us.

Sheryl Eickman: I believe that the Welcomemat Service Program offered Dave and I, my husband and I so many opportunities that weren’t available out there. When Dave and I were looking at other opportunities for starting our own business the big appeal that Welcomemat Services held was the fact that it was a low startup cost. And I loved the fact that it was a franchise, you have tried and true systems already in place so all we had to do is follow your model to increase our odds of being highly successful.

Dave Eickman: One of the biggest reasons that we have been very pleasantly surprised about Welcomemat Services, the franchise opportunity is the back office support. We explored other opportunities, namely I looked at doing a coin operated laundry business and I had to do everything, I mean literary I had to do everything. I had to get financing, I had to find a building, I had to do banking, everything. Welcomemat Services has taken care of everything for us; all we had to do is go out and sell. We can now spend weekends together too; I mean it’s just; you guys have done everything for us. And we are so excited, it’s unbelievable.

Sheryl Eickman: I liked the opportunity of owning my own business due to the fact that that I know that I have strong work ethic. I know that I hold myself accountable for everything that I do. And my jobs in the past have and I have always worked pretty independently, so this really is a natural progression in the chain of positions for me.

Dave Eickman: Sheryl and I, we like to think of ourselves as pretty bright people and we both worked for the “man” all of our lives. I am 50 years old now, it’s time to start thinking about Dave and Sheryl and our lives together and work toward retirement and have a nice residual when we get there. Welcomemat Services Franchise provides that opportunity.

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