This Week in the Business of Tech April 15 2022 IT Services News

This week on the video version of the Business of Tech:

00:00 Kaseya buys Datto – here’s my take    
05:38 The actual future of IT services from the data
08:22 Looking at changing work at a macro trends level
12:36 Practical data highlights how to manage remote teams
14:34 The cybersecurity hiring landscape is bleak, and what that means for the market
16:52 Learn about AgileBlue
17:33 Just what is the ideal number of days in the office?  
20:27 Falling trust in tech and small business owners unease tell a tale.
24:32 The gap between devices and data to be exploited
25:48 ConnectWise’s new security predictions
27:43 Apple vulnerability data
29:18 Microsoft’s potential licensing about-face.
30:45 The story I’m not covering

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