The Four Basic Online Business Models – Marko Hurst

In this video interview, Internet marketing expert Marko Hurst discusses the four basic online business models and how each of them generates income. (1) E-commerce sites sell goods or services at a profit, (2) Content sites sell advertising, (3) Customer support sites save money for the business, and (4) Lead generation sites provide information for your company or to pass along to generate money from future sales. Most sites have at least 2 of the 4 business models; uses 3 of these.

Marko Hurst is the principal at MDH Studios in New York City, which specializes in monetizing businesses online, using a a methodology and process that combine the most powerful aspects of web analytics, user experience, and neuroscience. This inverview was taped at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in San Jose, California in May, 2009.