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Why Jim’s Mowing?

Obviously, this means different things to different people. We certainly have a great team with a lot of depth. Recently, our ability to help our franchisees deal with the changing OH&S certainly reflects this. But looking at it from a purely “nuts and bolts” analytical position, Jim’s has two major strategic advantages, namely the cheaper cost of customer acquisition and size, and a focus on putting franchisee support above all other priorities.

Jim’s has the cheapest cost of customer acquisition, which means that it cost us less to get our message through, and customers through the door. The Jim’s brand, reputation and its awareness in the marketplace, means that many people call Jim’s each year just based on awareness and reputation.

This is a large strategic advantage as we do not have to pay large advertising costs to get that lead. By joining Jim’s, you get to take advantage of the 25 years of marketing and branding that we have engaged in.

The other and most important success determinant resource is you. The Jim’s system invests time and resources both at the State and National level. You receive a monthly contact call, where we gauge how you are going and what assistance we can provide you. We also have monthly group meetings and workshops, along with information and coaching newsletters.

The goals of all these activities is to help you build the best business that you can. It is one thing to work hard, but true results come from direction on what to work on and when, and operating under correct knowledge.

Jim’s Group provides people the chance to own their own business and break away from the 9-5 grind to build the lifestyle business that they truly deserve.

Jim’s Group has nearly 4,000 franchisees in four countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom). Jim’s Group also has 54 + different service divisions which are independently owned and operated by industry experts. All of our experts are fully insured and police checked to give you piece of mind you deserve.

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We have many successful stories of people (just like you) starting out with a franchise and eventually owning their own service division with 600 + franchisees under them.

Jim’s Group truly provides you with the opportunity to create a business to fit around your life goals. You have the backing of one of Australia’s most well-known and trusted brands.

By joining the Jim’s family, you will have an income guarantee, endless support, great supply of work and the backing of one of Australia’s largest brands.

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