Should your prices be on your MSP’s website? | Podcast 157

Episode 157

Welcome to the MSP Marketing Podcast with me, Paul Green. This week’s show includes:

00:00 I answer 3 of the most common MSP marketing questions
12:09 This is what I think about having a Pricing Calculator on your MSP’s website
19:22 An ex-MSP’s journey to create a tool to give you time back
36:07 A great book recommendation about creating great processing within your MSP

Featured guest:

Thank you to Brian Brammeier from ZeroTouch MSP for joining me to talk about his journey from MSP owner, to the creator of a time-saving tool. Brian is an experienced business operator, crisis IT and cybersecurity professional, as well as an investor.  Currently, Brian advises several companies, either as a board member or in a consulting capacity, helping them craft and define their company strategy and cyber security postures.  Brian is also an active investor in various technology, fintech, and pharma/biotechnology ventures.
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Extra show notes:

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On the subject of putting a pricing calculator on your MSP’s website, I recommended the book They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan:

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Thank you to Jamie Shanks from Pipeline Signals for recommending the book The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes:

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