Popular Veteran Business Opportunities in 2022 – The Daly Coach #Shorts

#Shorts – Veterans returning to civilian have certain skills and experiences that make them ideal candidates for certain businesses. See why so many veterans are a GREAT fit for this business ownership opportunity.

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When you own a business, you have to get comfortable with uncertainty. You’re going to be adapting and overcoming challenges as they come at you. And who is better than being comfortable in uncomfortable and unpredictable situations, but our amazing veterans! There are franchisors out there that actively seek veterans because they know that your skills will make you one of the top performers in their franchise system. The Daly Coach knows said franchisors. I know which franchisors have discounts on their franchise fees, which franchises participate in VetFran programs, and I know which franchisors are actively looking for veterans. If you are a veteran looking for your next hurrah, please leave a comment below or reach directly out via the email on the screen!

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