Pooled Retirement Plans: Access, Quality, Low Cost and Efficiency for Smaller Employers

Jim Kais, Executive Vice President of Retirement Plans at Ameritas, describes his passion for opening access to quality, affordable retirement plan benefits for small businesses, nonprofits, governmental groups and community organizations.

“Over time I saw they didn’t have access to the same benefits at the same price as larger organizations,” recalls Jim.

Leveling the playing field in retirement plans benefits for small to midsize businesses became his focus. He began working with his retirement plan industry colleagues and Ameritas retirement plans team on changes that would help level the playing field. Today, the Ameritas retirement plans team offers competitive pooled retirement plans and more for small businesses and organizations of all kinds.

How do we create access? With our strength in designing PEPs – Pooled Employer Plans. And MEPs – Multiple Employer Plans. These innovative pooled retirement plans can be a great fit in designing benefits for small businesses and organizations. They’re versatile. They’re accessible. And they can help small to midsize businesses compete for top talent.

A great competitive retirement plan can be a game changer in attracting and keeping top talent. It’s one of the leading benefits top talent wants from their employer. But many smaller employers are concerned about how hard it will be to manage a retirement plan benefit.

“Small businesses are generally concerned with three things when it comes to retirement plans: Number one cost, they perceive that they can’t afford it. Number two they perceive that it’s fraught with risk, fiduciary risk in particular. And three, administrative burden. I wanted to take away those barriers of cost, risk, administrative burden and put them on a plateau or playing field that was even with their larger counterparts.” To address all these concerns, Ameritas continues to build our strength and offerings in pooled retirement plans.

In the end, it’s about even more than creating access to retirement plan benefits for small businesses. It even goes beyond attracting and keeping top talent. It’s about helping Americans retire with dignity, on their own schedule. That is, as Jim says, his north star.


About Ameritas Retirement Plans

Get custom-tailored retirement plans. From a main street market leader.

A robust retirement plan can be a game changer. It’s a leading benefit for attracting and keeping top talent. But when it comes to your clients, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why Ameritas offers so many plan options, and a team ready to roll up their sleeves and get creative.

We tailor retirement plans to organizations of all sizes, shapes and personalities. It’s our sweet spot.
That’s why we’re open and flexible by design, offering choices that can be tough to find: A full range of plan types for diverse organizations. A wealth of ways to customize. Broad recordkeeping capabilities. High-performance service teams for every touchpoint, every stakeholder. High-tech tools. High-touch support.

Retirement plans can be complex. Our teams enjoy making them easier for you to manage. We’re ready to do the heavy lifting and lighten your load.

Our diverse portfolio gives us freedom to serve groups of all kinds: 401(k) plans. Solo(k) plans. 403(b) plans. 457 plans. MEPs (Multiple Employer Plans). PEPs (Pooled Employer Plans). And our NAV (Net Asset Value), GVA (Group Variable Annuity), and TPA (Third Party Administrator) platform options make us even more versatile.

Ameritas has been in business since 1887. And we are mutual based. That makes us a stable retirement company you can count on. And our culture is a great fit for clients who value real human relationships and conversations.

Serving today’s open business market? Let’s meet their unique retirement plan needs together. Learn more.

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