No Loss Only Profit, Digital Marketing Franchise Model

Digital Trainee has launched the Only Profit No Loss Digital Marketing Franchise Model. Digital Trainee is India’s No 1, top-rated, Most recommended, and trusted Digital Marketing Traning Institute.

If you are a Digital Marketer, Working in Education Industry, Business Owner, or if you want to start your own Digital Marketing Traning Institute at your location, then this video will help you.

We have trained 10,000+ students and professionals till date.

‍ How will Digital Trainee help your growth?

1. Digital Trainee Presence
-Digital Trainee has already created a strong online presence, which you can check on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.
3. CRM Support
-Digital Trainee has its own best Customer Relationship Management, which has its benefit.
4. LMS System
-Digital Trainee has created its Learning Management System, which contains lectures, assignments, etc., for students.
5. Placement Support
-Once the student has completed their courses, we have tie-ups with the best companies, and the Digital Trainees Dedicated placement team takes care of all the placements.
6. Technical Support
-If students or the team faces any issues, we have a team of the best marketers and developers who are always ready to help with technical queries.
7. No Royalty until profit
-Digital Trainee cares for their teams there. One only needs to pay royalty once they have started earning profit. Until then, no royalty.

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