MSP Voice #43: PLAN YOUR BUSINESS with George Monroy

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MSP Voice Episode 43 “Plan your Business” with George Monroy

Guest: George Monroy
Company: Monroy IT Services

George Monroy is based out of San Antonio, TX. His route to becoming an MSP started out as being a temp at a company. When that company let go all of their temps, he was actually “hired” back as a consultant. Starting out as part-time, the opportunity eventually grew to his only client until the company was purchased. He then moved to San Antonio and started up his own IT services business. George stresses that for anyone starting out, make sure you have a business plan. While he didn’t start with one he now sees the importance of a proper business plan, especially when you’re starting out! George is also a member of The 20 and recommends them as well as any peer group to help you grow your business.

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