Military Friendly Franchise

The Chief talks about him serving in the United States Army, serving in Desert Storm with the 24th Infantry Division while being assigned to the 197th Infantry Brigade continues to support the military explaining how we serve, we make the sacrifice and that commitment to service and country may change who we are because of combat and as a result have to fight for benefits and status but not with the National Martial Arts League and Kumite Fightclub Franchises. You are a star, a hero in our eyes……i’ve been there. No one knows your sacrifice and struggles better than we do. After serving i too had challenges finding employment later realizing i’m a winner and deserve more than a job so we offer business ownership and have made sacrifices to insure you have a fair chance in owning your own dojo, martial arts studio or professional sports team in the National Martial Arts League. We offer all veterans up 50% discount on franchise fees, listed on the Franchise Registry allowing us to provide access for funding through the Small Business Administration and up to 85% of your loan backed and secured by the SBA of course you’ll need good credit and the other 15%. If this interests you… us or and yes…..we’re looking out for you