How to Write a 1-Page Drone Business Plan

We’re excited to announce that we’re hosting a one-page business plan contest (where you can win some cool prizes), so be sure to keep reading!

Many drone pilots dream about using their drone to make money, and maybe even starting their own drone business.

But thinking about actually starting a business can be overwhelming.

The first step to starting your own business isn’t as difficult as it may seem, though. And it can actually be kind of fun.

Your business plan is where you can think out your hopes and dreams for your business. (Just make sure you’re being realistic, though!) Having a business plan will help you to envision your goals and start to plan for how you’ll reach those goals.

In this video, Drone Launch Academy founder David Young walks you through the process of creating a super quick business plan with our One Page Drone Business Plan Template. (You can download the template here:

AND, to encourage you to try creating a business plan, we’ve decided to turn this into a contest.

*As a thank you for participating, everyone who enters a business plan for this contest will get our Drone Business Foundations course (the first section of our Drone Business Mastery program) for free!*

All you have to do is submit a one-page business plan — don’t worry, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create an awesome drone business plan in this video.

You have until Monday night (9/27/21) at midnight eastern time to submit your business plan.

Then, we’ll review all of the submissions and pick our two favorite business plans (1 winner and 1 runner-up).

As we review each of the submissions, we’ll be considering the following criteria:
-How creative and innovative it is,
-How well thought out and researched the plan is,
-How viable the business seems.

The winner will get access to our complete Drone Business Mastery program (normally $1,595) AND $200 Amazon gift card. (Potentially getting $1,795 worth of prizes for a one-page business plan seems like a pretty good deal, right?)

The runner-up will also get access to the entire Drone Business Mastery program.

SO, if you want to enter this contest:
-Watch this video where I explain exactly what you should include in your business plan
-Download our business plan template
-Draft your own drone business plan
-Submit your business plan here: