How to Run Your Business Like a Military Platoon w/David Kurz

The key to running a successful team lies in building great systems. If we want to see great results, we have to ensure we have the best systems in place.

How should we be structuring our teams, and what systems do we need to have in our businesses?

To ensure our operations run smoothly, it’s important to set up a management chain that allows agents to get all the support they need – without overwhelming them as team leaders. One of the best examples of a system like this can be seen in military command structures.

In this episode, EXP Real Estate Broker, author, speaker and Marine Corp veteran, David Kurz shares how to run a team like a military platoon.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode
– Learn from the best: the most successful teams in any industry are those with great systems and strict regimens in place.
– Split the team into squads. This makes every step of our business more manageable; from training, to communication, to holding agents accountable.
– Make sure each squad has a manager. By giving small teams someone to report to, we can streamline our systems and give ourselves the opportunity to work on ourselves and level up as leaders.