Franchise Opportunities in India,  How to get Franchise

Franchise Opportunities in India, How to get Franchise , Business for women

Following benefits you can get for having franchisee with Presto:

Step 1 – Assistance in site selection, staff appointments & staff training
Step 2 – Total hand holding from concept to commissioning
Step 3 -Onsite maintenance of equipments and technical support
Step 4 – Market identification support
Step 5 – Product and Industry updates
Step 6 – Dedicated Presto Franchise Office to oversee issues and for seamless service
Step 7 – Franchisees’ profitability assured
Step 8 – Annual franchise meets
Step 9 – Updates on Industry and Business
Step 10 – Merchandising and POP support all year round on all kinds of Special occasions.
Step 11 – Area exclusivity option on meeting quarterly target
Step 12 – Chance to be inside large retail stores like Pantaloon, Big Bazaar, MORE and Reliance Hyper mart

Franchise Opportunities in India, How to get Franchise, Low investment business opportunity, Business for IT professionals, Business for women

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