CREDIT CARD: Pros & Cons | Money-Minded Mandeep

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00:59 Advantages of credit card
01:05 Internet purchase discounts
01:30 Rewards program
01:50 Employee benefits
02:30 Transaction records
03:05 Secure purchase
03:37 Insurance
04:04 Convenience
04:21 Disadvantages of credit card
04:25 High interest rate
06:41 Credit score
07:25 Fees and fines
08:14 Terms & conditions
09:22 Minimum payment
11:03 Not used for investments
12:40 Spend more than you earn

Having a credit card may seem very useful at the forefront but in actuality, it may be robbing you of creating wealth for your future. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of having and using a credit card.
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