7 Steps for Subcontractors to start a Roofing Business in 2022

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How to Start Roofing Business in 2022 if you are a subcontractor or a roofer?
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00:35 How do you find jobs?
00:45 Do you want to be a subcontractor or prime contractor?
01:20 Ugly truth: many subcontractors are glorified employees
01:40 Just because you have LLC doesn’t make you business owner
02:40 Make a decision if you want to be B2B or B2C
02:53 File LLC, get insurance
03:23 Importance of paperwork
03:34 Come up with good business name
04:45 Get your accounting together
06:49 Number one reason business fail
06:44 Sign up for CRM. We recommend @Jobnimnus https://jobnimbus.com
07:55 Do a market research
11:55 Ask yourself what are you willing to do? Are you willing to do what competition does?
12:23 Dont copy competition of you are not willing to do what they do.
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14:40 You have to invest in presentation. Check out sumoquote! try it for 14 days for free https://www.sumoquote.com/
16:18 Select product that will differentiate you from competition
19:00 Examples of different contractors
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