3 Work from Home Tech Stocks to Buy Now

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Nation, I’ve been following the work-from-home trend and the related tech stocks for nearly a decade. The shift to remote work was already changing the world but has been set on overdrive this year and could be the biggest theme over the next 20 years.

Even though a lot of these tech stocks have surged this year, that doesn’t mean prices can’t go higher or that you should avoid these kind of growth stocks. Just look at Zoom Communications, already wildly expensive but jumping 45% after the last earnings report. Do not miss out on this investing theme for the sake of lower value stocks.

In this video, I’ll show you the power behind that trend in work-from-home. I’ll then show you how to find the best tech stocks to buy in the them and the fundamentals I use to analyze these stocks. I’ll then reveal three work-at-home tech stocks that are making that revolution possible and will benefit from the trend.

More than half the workforce was working from home during the height of the pandemic and economists at Harvard Business School estimate that one-in-five workers, about 20%, will continue working remotely even after things get back to normal.

That is a huge shift and to happen so quickly, it’s no surprise that work from home stocks are soaring.

First, of course, I’m looking for a connection with that work-at-home theme; a company benefitting from the shift whether it’s through connectivity, security or productivity. Most of these are going to be in that software applications industry within tech stocks.

I’m also looking for a competitive advantage though in the products. For example, in security, I looked at Zscaler’s unique cloud model for security versus that traditional hardware model when recommending it in November and then again in March around $58 per share . This was a big leap from some of the legacy server-based providers and shares of Zscaler have surged 197% in just the last few months .

So it’s not enough to throw a dart at all the names in this theme. That kind of random approach will give you some solid returns because the broader theme, that work-from-home trend, is going to drive growth for everyone in the group. That’s why I like this kind of theme investing. But to get those triple-digit returns, you really have to dig deeper and find the best of the best.

0:30 Why Invest in the Work from Home Tech Trend
4:28 3 Work at Home Tech Stocks to Buy Now
5:13 How to Find the Best Tech Stocks to Buy
7:15 Important Measures to Analyze Tech Stocks

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