September 2022

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The Deadly World Of Philippines’ Offshore Gambling Syndicates | Undercover Asia | CNA Documentary

In the Philippines, we uncover the inner workings of human trafficking syndicates who con Chinese nationals into entering the country to work illegally in online gambling operations. Runaways are caught, beaten up and ransomed for huge amounts of money. The Philippines Senate conducts an inquiry into the illegal activities of these online gambling companies and…

Best Consulting Business Model For New Consultants

Figuring out what kind of consulting business model to use can make or break your business. Of all of the ways you can offer services and charge for services, which one is the best to go with when you’re just getting started? ——————————– Recommended Videos: “Age… Location… Gender… Favorite TV show???”: Autopilot Video Lead…

3 Best CHEAP Franchises To Own! (2022)

Want to own a franchise but don’t have millions to invest? These franchises are perfect for you as they are all very low cost, home-based, and have a good work-life balance. *Links* ————————- M1 Finance $50: Robinhood Free Stock: Yotta Savings Referal Code: BUSINESSBUZZ Royalty Free Music By Bensound Thank you for watching…

3 Rookie Mistakes that Damage Your V.A. Business|Expert VA Coach |Kathy Goughenour

In this video, you’ll learn the 3 Rookie Mistakes That Damage Your Virtual Assistant Business and how to avoid them. ********************************************************************* VISIT Kathy Goughenour Business Coach & Trainer SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG ⬇DOWNLOAD MY FREE EBOOK “DITCH THE 9 TO 5” LET’S CONNECT! Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Source